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Junk Mail Horror Stories

from dawsonville, GA
Junk Mail Culprit(s): Other Junk Mailer

i used to get loads of catlogs but it slowed down when i started sending them back to return as sender or do not want

Junk Mail Culprit(s): Other Junk Mailer

Comcast is the worst I get

from PA
Junk Mail Culprit(s): Other Junk Mailer

I receive a direct mail solicitation from DirectTV about once a month. I even called the company in CA and asked to be removed from their mailing list. Obviously the telemarketer gave lip service to ...

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Junk Mail Facts
  • Direct mail creates 10 billion pounds of solid waste
  • It costs communities over $1 Billion annually to collect and dispose of it.
  • 62% of phone books and advertising mail is not recycled
  • Marketers spend $17 Billion on postage alone to send advertising mail.
  • Approximately 44% of junk mail goes to landfills unopened.
  • The average American will spend 8 months of their lives dealing with junk mail.